Update to the “Tito Paco” saga

I’ve been having a chat with Paco from Tito Paco’s, in Turre.

Readers will remember that his landlady appeared on “España Directo” (I’ve been on España Directo!) saying that he refuses to pay any rent and is driving them to the poor house (story here). A story that was published on ED’s website as being “in Murcia”.

Paco -and he seems a nice chap- claims otherwise. He says the only monies he’s refused to pay were two months over a dispute about who should pay for a damaged water pipe in the kitchen, and that all utility bills / rent are now paid up.

He also put paid to the rumour that he owes some cash to the owners of his previous restaurant. Doesn’t owe them a cent, as I found out after being a “proper” journalist and asking them direct.

Paco is currently awaiting a response from the España Direct people about whether or not they will run a correction. If not, he promises me he’ll pursue this to “the highest court in the land”.

For those of you who wonder why he doesn’t just give up, give the restaurant back to the landlord and allow them to insert their relative in as cook, he says it’s because he’s built up a good reputation there, has the rent until 2012 and doesn’t want somebody else to take advantadge of his hard work. Fair enough. Good luck, and let’s see where this takes him.

3 Replies to “Update to the “Tito Paco” saga”

  1. I’ve heard that Tito Paco’s is now closed. How will I cope without his wonderful pizza’s? Is he or has he opened somewhere else? I hope so – please let me know if he does.



  2. He is ferme, and the place is being redone ready to be reopened. No idea what he’s up to now. I’ve spotted him around, apparantly enjoying life.

  3. Unfortunately Paco from Tito Paco’s Sadly passed away on the 2nd of April 2016 aged 63.

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