A shock last night!

While pottering about last night, I received one hell of shock when I opened a gate and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I swung round and… not 30 cm away… was this happy little chap.

snake on gate almeria mojacar turre

After screaming and running away, a camara was found.

snake almeria We got some long tongs and removed him. He was upwards of a meter long, but quite skinny. Took refuge under a wood pile, so I assume he’s still there.

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  1. Its a herradura – a protected species, not dangerous unless you are a little bird, or a mouse! We caught one swallowing a sparrow whole. In full sunlight very beautful – blacks and silvers.

    Good on you for not destroying it – it will keep the vermin down and you don’t have to build a cat flap!

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