Golden Amiritsar Indian restaurant, Las Bouganvillas, Vera

I haven’t been here yet, although I have seen it from the outside (lack of time, mainly).

However, Jane Bye has sent in this review so I thought I’d post it here for you to read!

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At last, a decent Indian restaurant In the Mojácar area!

I have lived here for 20 years and love Indian food, and last summer a new Indian restaurant opened at Las Bouganvillas, between Garrucha and Vera. I decided to try It, (as a last resort) as I love Indian food, boy was I in for a treat, the onion bhajees were the best I have ever tasted, the portions were big, the food very tasty, it’s nice to have a vindaloo and still taste the food.

I went with 3 other friends who were all more than satisfied with their dinner, even the desserts were all home made. Service was excellent, I was a bit dubious when I walked in to see an English lady behind the bar, but she was very well Informed of everything on the menu and very efficient and friendly.

We have been back time and time again and won’t go anywhere else now. The restaurant is called the Golden Amritsar (after the city in India where the chefs originate).

The restaurant is clean and nicely decorated with colourful prints on the wall. On 2 occasions when I have been there, there were Indian people in there eating, that to me says it all really.

Jane Bye.

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  1. My mother lives in Bedar and while visiting her she told me about this restaurant. I lived in India (New Delhi) for 5 years and the food at the Golden Amritsar is as good as any I had during my time in India. The staff are friendly and courteous and you are assured of a warm welcome at all times. I have had both lunch and dinner (Mum and I are now firm fans of this place) here and have never been disappointed by the food or the atmosphere. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Golden Amritsar to anyone visiting Mojacar who likes Indian food.

  2. My wife and I definitely endorse all of Jane and Jo’s favourable comments on the Golden Amritsar.

    We like to try out as many different new and old favourite restaurants of all kinds that we can on our far too infrequent bi-annual visits to the area. So having thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Amritsar for the 1st time we had two subsequent equally enjoyable meals there, which says it all really when you consider that we didn’t repeat visit any other restaurant when we there during the last fortnight.

    We would urge everyone in the area who loves Indian cuisine to support this restaurant. It’s in a quiet side street and just down from Roly’s Too, which is 1st right after the Las Bouganvillas roundabout heading in the Villericos direction. From Garrucha, turn right at Paddy’s before the roundabout then left at the t-junction and it’s on the left.

    Go David, go!

  3. I have eaten at many english ‘Indian’ restaurants and love spicy food, so when I visitied vera playa in the summer with my spanish husband (who had never had indian food) we decided to go to the golden amritsar for their menu del dia, the quality and quantity of the food was excellent, we had a choice of 4 menus each of 4 courses, the only reason we left some food was because we couldnt eat it all, the service was excellent, and the drinks were very reasonably priced, i went back a few nights later with some friends to sample the evening menu, spoilt for choice and as before excellent, definately the best indian restaurant in the almeria area, i have tried all of them including the new one at los gallardos, which i was very disappointed with, as my food was swimming in oil and i couldnt even take a mouthful as it made me feel sick looking at it, and the waitress was extremely rude when i asked her to take it away, Golden amritsar is definately the one for me

  4. We were sad but not really surprised, given its tucked out of the way location, to find that it had closed down when we went there last month. Hope they reopen elsewhere some day.

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