D-bar, Almerimar

After a recent meeting with Chris (no drink involved this time!) we adjourned to D-bar, which is his local, almost at the foot of Almerimar.

Almerimar is a nice place. Not too touristy, small enough to walk everywhere and has a range of different types of bars.

I was going to steal some photos off Chris’s site but he hadn’t uploaded any good ones, so here’s one of the rather large English breakfast Chris insisted I order.

D bar almerimar english breakfastI’m not usually a fan of English breakfasts, and hadn’t had one for about 3 years (last one was probably in Eire..), so it was a novel experience. I never normally eat until about 2 in the afternoon. I ordered it with extra mushrooms and no tomato. Since they had run out of mushrooms I got an extra tomato. Pretty good tho’.

I’m told they have a new menu, and while pretty much English  “pub grub” it’s got a good range, and it’s not overly expensive.

Chris had some chips, the fat bugger. (Despite claiming on his site here that I ate them all). Look at him, squeezing on the ketchup. Disgusting (yet tasty!)

chris ketchup chips

It’s run by John, a large and rather loud ginger fellow who actually speaks quite a bit of sense and speaks Spanish, and his wife, who is Russian (which lets me make a joke about how she Russians around while John enjoys a beer with us).

Nice place, while it’s a bit “benidormy” in look gets a nice mix of locals and tourists (English & Spanish!) and does a decent range of food and drink. John also takes pride in his sauce collection, and claims to have the hottest sauce available in El Ejido.

D-Bar, Almerimar
Up the top of Almerimar, right hand side almost under the cliff.

3 Replies to “D-bar, Almerimar”

  1. LOL

    The ketchup was for you!!! To be fair to both of us we left some of the chips and you did have some, but I had your tomato.

    Olga (John’s wife) is from Russia.

  2. Tomato ketchup was sold locally by farmers. A man named Jonas Yerks (or Yerkes) is believed to have been the first man to make tomato ketchup a national phenomenon. By 1837, he had produced and distributed the condiment nationally.[7] Shortly thereafter, other companies followed suit. F. & J. Heinz launched their tomato ketchup in 1876..^`..

  3. I do not agree that he speaks a lot of sense as he certainly does not if you drink fruit juices.
    I think he is the most obnoxious barman I have ever met.
    No wonder his girlfriend looks so miserable.

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