Albox townhall approves bylaws to connect illegal homes to power

Albox townhall has approved new bylaws for the installation and connection of electricity to homes built on non urbanisable land across the municipality.

To be connected, the owner of the property must present the townhall with a certificate from a surveyor accrediting that the house is more than four years old, as well as certifing that the house is habitable, well built, not in a floodable area and hygienic.

The owner must also present copies of documents proving that they have applied to be included in the Land Registry and Catastro, and a sworn declaration that the owner is unaware of any judicial orders open against the property, and a copy of the escritura.

This is part of a plan by the town hall to permit the connection of “illegal” homes to the utility network in anticipation of the eventual legalisation of these properties, but the townhall warns that it is dependent upon central registration project from the Junta.

The townhall is examining all provisional water and electric supplies to illegal homes in the municipality, and in the case that the home is complete and inhabited will not guarantee supplies in two months time.

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