Some demned fool has started importing UK cheeses into Almería. I, being a fool and fop, recently brought some different varieties home from Super Turre for family consumption.

The (Spanish) GF at first gave these strange foreign foodstuffs a wide berth, until eventually she was prevailed upon to put aside her queso de cabra and sample a piece of English Stilton, among others.

Well, at €3,50 a pop for a block of badly wrapped cheese I’m soon looking at bankruptcy, as I’m forced to keep the home fridge full of different types of English cheeses.  They aren’t designed for the climate here, and leaving them out in the sun after a boozy lunch can cause €3 of cheese to be destined for the bin. You’d think I’d learn, but no. Blue Stilton is whiffy enough to begin with, but an afternoon in clingfilm under 50ºC sun is enough to make you book into a hotel for the night.

So it was fortunate that an advert in The Reader caught my eye – “English cheese cut off the block to your requirements” it said, in a rather garish red.

So I pottered down to the Pasty Shack in Turre (just down the hill from me, on my way back from any of the excellent -or mediocre- restaurants in Turre town) and spent a few minutes ordering cheese to the weeks requirements.

Now that I have the amounts down pat, I shall start ordering them by phone and have the cleaner pick them up on her way past. Much more civilised.

The Pasty Shack is just next to Martin’s Cinebank, the DVD dispenser which is for sale for anyone who wishes to invest 20K, on the main street in Turre. Tell ’em you saw their advert in The Reader.

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