AES fails to win a seat

Far right nationalist party Alternativa Española, whose leader is Rafael López-Diéguez (grandson of Blas Piñar, the noted Fascist, good friend of Franco and founder of the Spanish National Front) won only 0,13% of the vote (19.678 people voted for them) proving again that Spanish are far more tolerant than the “up northerns” who voted for the BNP dimwits.

The peculiar thing, that I can’t get my head around, is that they had the support of “Europe’s most read weekly newspaper” (read their 60 second interview with him here) who proudly supported this right wing quasi fascist anti-EU and anti-immigrant party for the weeks before the election (Quote: we shouldn’t be paying for Europeans to have health care in our country with our money!)

Were the “quater of a million readers” busy elsewhere on Sunday and forgot to vote?

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  1. Please do not ‘rubbish’ the Alternative Spanish
    party, who have indicated their opposition to “Land Grab” as the LRAU
    and LUV have been described, for ALL non-Spanish EU citizens to have
    equality in Rights and Responsibilities with those born here, and a
    return to Traditional, Family and Christian values. Alternativa party is not so right wing as to be neo-Nazi and on
    a par with the BNP, for which there is not the slightest current
    evidence. AES is a good option for expats in Spain.

  2. Far right Catholic party whose leader admits he “blindly” follows the Pope; wants to criminalise homosexuality, outlaw abortion 100%, remove regional rights, ban all local nationalist symbols, prevent non-Catholic nations from entering the EU (hang on, isn’t that Britain? He did say that if he got any MEP’s they’d be opposed to Turkey entering) and keeps twittering on about something called “Natural Law and Moral Order” which “transcends” national law.

    Oh, Rafael also wants to ban health care for anyone who doesn’t pay into the Spanish tax system directly (suppose that means all those expat pensioners, then!)

    So far off the right he’s driving on the hard shoulder and scraping the safety barrier.

  3. It was the Greens behind the Aucan report – the main parties find EU parliament interference in the scams of developers and local politicians inappropiate.
    As for AES – they may not be a parallel of the BNP but whenever I hear Traditional, Family and Christian I know its far right. Add Catholic and I’m off in the opposite direction!
    Can John enlighten me on what an expat would get from the AES program.

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