Some demned fool has started importing UK cheeses into Almería. I, being a fool and fop, recently brought some different varieties home from Super Turre for family consumption. The (Spanish) GF at first gave these strange foreign foodstuffs a wide berth, until eventually she was prevailed upon to put aside her queso de cabra and sample a piece of English Stilton, among others. Well, at €3,50 a pop for a block of badly wrapped cheese Continue reading Cheese

AES fails to win a seat

Far right nationalist party Alternativa Española, whose leader is Rafael López-Diéguez (grandson of Blas Piñar, the noted Fascist, good friend of Franco and founder of the Spanish National Front) won only 0,13% of the vote (19.678 people voted for them) proving again that Spanish are far more tolerant than the “up northerns” who voted for the BNP dimwits. The peculiar thing, that I can’t get my head around, is that they had the support of Continue reading AES fails to win a seat