El País publishes banned Berlusconi pictures

El País, the national daily, has published the banned pictures of naked young women cavorting around Italian President Berlusconi’s pad.


Berlu is said to be somewhat miffed. Worth pointing out that most Spanish hate Berlusconi for making Latins look like their sterotypes, while the Spanish media elite hate him for his abortive attempt to take over Spain’s media.

I notice that they’ve airbrushed out the faces, while not touching the… ahem… miembro viril? :blush: No wonder Berlu wanted them banned…

Which is probably why Grupo Prisa (el País) were happy to publish the photos. Serve him right for trying to take over Spanish TV (5).

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  1. Not much point being emperor (as I mentioned to Clinton only the other day) if you are only allowed to play with yourself.
    Look what that did to Grasshopper!

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