Ecologistas en Accion ask Supreme Court (And) to cancel POTALA

Ecologistas en Accion have filed a submission at the Supreme Court of Andalucia (TSJA) to cancel the POTALA plan, saying that it is far removed from the official model of “compact Mediterranean cities” that the Junta of Andalucia is supposed to be behind.

They argue that the plan to build up to 60,000 houses (35,000 in the Llano Central, 10,000 in Ballabona, 18,000 in El Puntazo, etc) are unsustainable, against all logic and not desired by the locals (right on!).

To be watched with interest, me thinks. Ecologistas en Accion have turned into the de facto opposition here in Andalucía, given as every single political party are in each others pockets…

Story here from Europa Press (Spanish) or translated into English.

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