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The Welcome Stranger is a restaurant I never knew about in a village I didn’t know existed.

Welcome stranger restaurant limaria bar arboleas

It’s in a hamlet called Limaria which is technically part of Arboleas, but you have to go through Albox to get there. I drove there over fields and dirt tracks in the Jeep and it was a rather surreal experience, coming over a hill into a large place full of luxury villas in the middle of absolutley bloody nowhere.

limaria arboleas albox restaurant bar zurgena

It’s a very nice place, and according to the plaque outside has been built with public money, which is nice for someone. Nice large tables outside under sunscreens and a large restaurant inside. Bar is a tad pokey, but I suppose most people sit in the salon or outside. Nicely decorated tho’.

bar inside welcome stranger restaurant limaria arboleas albox

It being lunchtime in the middle of Albox, and having been driving over field and track, I was more interested in the water than the décor at first, but having quenched my thirst proceeded to examine the menu.

A strange construct, this menu. It’s high class English “pub grub”. I forget the components (wrote it down but then lost the piece of paper), but it’s the sort of menu that is either well cooked and delicious, or ham fisted and bloody awful.

You know the sort of thing; (from a website advertising their menu, but which I think may be out of date): Tropical Prawn Cocktail (rosemarie sauce over prawns and pineapple with kiwi orange and lemon), Oven baked trout (stuffed with leeks and wrapped in bacon), homemade pies, many with beer in them, Tournedos, home made puds, etc.

I had a salad, tuna mayonnaise one. Very nice, crisp and fresh. There was a bottle of some sauce on the table instead of olive oil and vinegar – I gingerly sniffed it, and it was some sort of sweet plum salad dressing. I gave that a wide berth.

Steer away from the house wine, it’s a tad…. earthy.

It was an interesting place. The waitress was a bit sniffy when I first traipsed in, trailing dirt and dust all over her nice clean floor, but was pleasent enough once food was ordered. I’m still wondering how they get away with just a linen handtowel in the toilets, fairly sure that’s not permitted. Nicely decorated throughout, the restaurant is a fine place that if (and I have no experience of it, I hasten to add) it has a decent staff working in the kitchen then should be a fine place for dinner.

One of these days, I shall have to traipse back up (bit cleaner next time) and try it out. It didn’t seem expensive, either.

Welcome Stranger Restaurant & Bar, Limaria
Closed Mons & Tues. Open for food 12-3.30 and 7 onwards.
See it on Google Maps (photo is a bit out of date)
Get there from Albox: Go towards the Aljambra for about 4,5 KM. At both main forks in the road take the right hand one. Just before Limaria, it’s on the left, big building with parking in front.

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  1. We have eaten there. Over priced food and wine. Duck portion, half, was too tough to cut and eat. Only 4 other people there, we only went as the 3 other places we tried were full! Speaks for itself.
    Sorry will not return.

  2. I went to the Welcome Stranger in September with my wife . A lovely warm evening to sit outside enjoying the peace and tranquility – not one car passed by in the twenty minutes we sat outside. Inside the lady serving at the bar was not over friendly and when my wife asked whether we needed to have booked , she replied ‘no’ and when I jokingly (I thought!)commented ‘you wish – – -‘ she gave me an icy stare. but the waitress who seemed to be the owner’s / chef’s mother was friendly enough. We both ordered starters – pate and garlic mushrooms – both were excellent. We selected steaks for the main with fresh vegetables. The veg was good the steaks very poor both tastless tough and well done rather than medium as requested. Only two other people came into the restaurant and they seemed to be friends of the owners. The restaurant was otherwise deserted -not a good sign. With one beer, one glass of wine and two coffees the bill came to over 50e. Far too expensive for a poor meal. When we got home we noticed an advert for the Welcome Stranger in one of the English papers, for a three course meal for 13e but we were never offered this – had they done so we may have had a better value meal but considering that the resources of the entire staff – at least two in the kitchen the waitress and the lady in the bar, should have been available, the service was not over friendly or speedy. Although we are local we will not be returning in a hurry which is a shame. They seem to have lost touch with reality, in terms of prices and service.

  3. went to the welcome stranger december 11th in the evening….one word,FANTASTIC!! my wife had the set menu for 13euros which was excellent value for money and i had garlic mushrooms and lamb,mint and orange casarole served with fresh veg.it was sublime.the service was excellent and extremely welcoming.

    pint of lager 1.80 euros…..cant fault it

    would recommened the welcome stranger to anyone and everyone!!!!!!

    in reference to the above comments im not sure if we are talking about the same place!!!!!!!!

  4. i recently went to the welcome stranger for sunday roast with my partner and children.we had a three course meal for 9.75euros and they did a small roast beef dinner for the children for 4euros which was fantastic.would recommend booking ahead as they were extremely busy.

  5. I have passed the Welcome Stranger many times when I have been to Spain visiting my friends who settled there some years ago. I thought the place looked absoloutely lovely up there in the mountains in the middle of nowhere but thought it was probably out of my league. Well, it isn’t I was over there in October and the opportunity arose, so we went. My friend was full of praises for the place and said the food was really good and the people really lovely. Well, I thoroughly agreed with her. The food couldn’t have been better, we went on a Wednesday or Thursday Lunchtime. I had Gammon steak with all the trimmings and it was as good as I would get anywhere. The staff were attentive and even the chef popped out to say a coursary hullo to his customers. The premises were immaculate. The staff chatty and helpful. We went just before I came back to the UK but had I gone at the beginning of my holiday we would have headed up there a few more times. Without pushing my luck I tend to be invited over to Spain about twice a year. So if my good fortune continues and I am invited again this year, we will go to the Welcome Stranger again and this time on more than one occassion. I loved the place, the location, the food and even the name Welcome Stranger tickles me. The prices are just right with a selection of ‘offers’ so I know it won’t break the bank.

  6. Having had a disappointing time at The Welcome Stranger last year my wife and I decided to give them another chance and we are glad that we did. We had a 5 euro special mid week. We had roast beef which was generously portioned and a selection of fresh vegetables, broccoli, parsnips, carrot and some very nicely cooked roast potatoes. We paid extra for a desert and enjoyed a coffee on the terrace. The meal was excellent and good value and the staff were friendly. They have vastly improved since last year and their pricing is now realistic. Good luck to them – we will be returning!

  7. Six of us had a superb pre Christmas dinner last night at the Welcome Stranger, priced at 17.95e The food was excellent, the house wine is good. I regularly take my visitors there for Sunday lunch and have never been disappointed, they all ask if they can go again next time they visit.
    Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to you and your staff.

  8. Sorry guys, had the steak special…think they served the leather from a horse…very tough even though it should have been medium…starter was ok,but its hard to mess up pate, desert nie but very small portion, Wine was a rip off at 9 euros, when its less than 3 euros in local supermarket, we will not be going again

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