Hmmmm…. I can speak Spanish, you know

Currently involved in a rather tricky court case over compensation. One of the other parties allegations is that in all previous communications with them, we never informed them we were communicating via a lawyer (despite the headed notepaper? The return address? The signature at the bottom and college affiliation of the signee? etc).

To which I have just spotted (in the middle of 55 pages of closely typed legal arguments) that our reply is:

(..)no se  concreta “ en ningún momento , que se trata de un Despacho de Abogados” , ello no es asumible pues,  por un lado,  del contenido del escrito de alegaciones se infiere claramente su carácter técnico-jurídico,  por lo que difícilmente lo podía redactar un ciudadano inglés(..)

If the judge accepts this argument, does that mean that by legal precedent in Spain no English citizen can ever write a legal letter again in Spain? Bummer. Sorry chaps.

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  2. Bummer, I agree.

    Sadly, the Spanish detractors, who cannot distinguish between an English citizen and a British national, and blinded by prejudice have forgotten that all Gibraltarian Barristers and ‘Acting ‘ Solicitors are bilingual English/Spanish British nationals who have legally qualified in the UK.

    Also overlooked are the Google hits for English-speaking lawyers in Madrid, Malaga/ Marbella and, coincidentally, Barcelona.

    I used to work at a Madrid satellite of a City of London Solicitors’ firm – and now with a thriving branch in Barcelona .

    The inhouse UK Barristers and Solicitors had a brilliant command of legalistic Spanish, sometimes better spelt than some locals who scraped through the licencia en derecho at the Madrid Complutense University.

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