Can we just abolish the Church and lock up all religous nutters?

Amazing. Ab-solutely bloody amazing.

It´s not bad enough that the Cardinal of All Ireland said that “members of religious orders who have come clean with thier memories of child abuse are very brave people” for “confronting their own demons” (no, they´re bloody pedophiles who should be taken out the back and shot – I knew Communists weren´t all bad), we now have Cardinal Antonio Cañizares (God knows who he is, but seems important) saying on TV this morning that while the abuse of a “few” Irish children was “lamentable and requires us to ask for pardon” it was not comparable with the “sin” of abortion – he continued to insinuate, on live TV, that abortion was a moral sin while child abuse was a simple crime.

This is on top of an essay in the Church supplement of ABC by a leading theologist who says that rape is not necessarily a maor crime, but simply a form of assualt, again comparing it with the “mortal sin” of abortion and suggesting that rape be downgraded.

Trinidad Jiménez, Minister of Health and Social Affairs has demanded an immediate apology and retraction from C. Antonio, saying that it was wrong and confusing to compare the two issues.

It often occurs to me that if our simplistic version of Heaven and Hell actually exists, and their is a Devil and a God, then the Church would have been created by the Devil in order to manipulate and control bloody ignorant people to his own ends.

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