Chemical leak at Deretil factory in Villaricos

This has been hushed up a bit, but still….

12 workers at the Deretil chemcial factory in Villaricos were taken to hospital after a tank containing 70,000 litres of high corrosive acid ruptured last Friday 15th May.
All of the workers were working for a subcontracted company called COVISA.
Deretil said that emergency procedures worked well, and the none of the 12 workers were seriously affected.
It appears that while the spilt liquid was contained by emergency overflows, corrosive gas was released into the atmosphere which affected nearby workers.
Police, fire and ambulances were called to the plant and closed off the area.
All 12 workers have now returned to work. Union UGT has announced a seperate investigation, alongside the one already in progress by Deretil and the Ministry of Industry, to ascertain why this huge container split.
Authorities say that at no point were civilians or the local villages at risk.
Worth pointing out that the Villaricos factory was brought out from the main DSM-Deretil group after a management buyout purchased the Villaricos factory from the main multinational group last year.

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