Chemical leak at Deretil factory in Villaricos

This has been hushed up a bit, but still…. 12 workers at the Deretil chemcial factory in Villaricos were taken to hospital after a tank containing 70,000 litres of high corrosive acid ruptured last Friday 15th May. All of the workers were working for a subcontracted company called COVISA. Deretil said that emergency procedures worked well, and the none of the 12 workers were seriously affected. It appears that while the spilt liquid was contained Continue reading Chemical leak at Deretil factory in Villaricos

True, true…

I told my girlfriend today, “Don’t argue with me over the spelling of this word, I make a living off words and writing”. She replied, “No you don’t, you fritter away your living on words and writing”. Ouch. Prove her wrong, advertisers! (By the way, we’re looking for sales people in Albox, Roquetas and Pulpi areas)