Sunny, sunny Spain

I’ve just finished writing a (quite witty) article about sunny summer in Spain for a (ahem) “local newspaper”. Lots about fun in Spain under the sun, heat, etc. Stood up from the PC, stretched with hands in small of back, yawned, and thought “I’m off to the patio to enjoy what’s left of the evening with The Times and a G&T”. Walk out armed with equipment… and it’s blowing a very cold gale and raining. Continue reading Sunny, sunny Spain

Pueblo Laguna, Vera Playa

Mr J. recently had a birthday. (He doesn’t like me calling him Mr J., but since he doesn’t read this blog, who cares? Plus he told me not to reveal his true identity on this blog). For some reason, every year Mr J. celebrates his birthday in a quiet, sober manner down at Pueblo Laguna, along with close family and friends. I’m convinced that the next night he goes out on a big blowout down Continue reading Pueblo Laguna, Vera Playa

Cops on backroads

Lots and lots and lots and lots of Guardia Civil officers on secondary roads with speed traps. So behave out there over the weekend (back to normal next week). Or, if you fancy robbing a few houses…. just don’t do it near a secondary road and you’ll be fine.