Woman killed by husband in Albox

A 49 year old man has killed his 42 year old wife with a knife this afternoon in Albox during a row over their forthcoming divorce, at their flat in Avenida Lepanto.

The couple were both from the area and had lived in their Albox flat during the last 6 years. The wife worked as a social worker for Albox town hall, visiting the elderly and infirm, the husband was a lorry driver.

The couple had two daughters, one 13 and the other 20. The mayor of Albox said that they were a hard working family with no previous record of domestic violence and that this was a tragedy. The man is in police custody after he called the Guardia Civil and confessed to a “moment of madness”.

The Mayor of Albox has called for a public concentration tomorrow midday in the main square in front of the townhall where a five minute silence will be observed in honour of the murdered wife and her family.

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