Vast quantities of sand being taken out of Rio Aguas by Mojacar

It appears that Servicom is taking out vast quantities of gravel and sand out of the Rio Aguas near Mojácar on a somewhat dodgy license issued by Almería. It seems they are preparing for a major contract (AVÉ? Have they announced who’s won that contract locally yet?) and rather than spend money bringing it out of legal quarries have a piece of paper from Almería authorising them to dig up the riverbed.

Local residents are furious, as not only is it illegal to dig up riverbeds, it’s cutting off communications, damaging the nature reserves and flood defenses and causing an almighty mess.

Local residents also fear that in the next storms the water will simply wash out the protected laguna area next to La Mata.

See the work in progress for yourself – it’s the riverbed up from the bridge below Mojácar. Slow down next to Southern Spain’s largest electric pylon and have a look.

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