La Estancia, Turre

La Estancia used to be a regular Argentinian restaurant in Turre. then it developed into a rather mediocre restaurant. Then it sank into a terrible Argentinian restaurant. Then it closed, just before last Christmas.

While at the beginning it was good, by the time it closed its passing was not lamented.

ANYWAY – after some Argentinian from Guadix nicked the rent from under me, it all went quiet. Until recently.

It reopened under the direction of Juan Pablo and his son, the silent Alejandro. With appropriate missus in the kitchen, I am assured. Decor, which has always been lovely, remains much the same. The smoking room has been split off and is to open later as a gelateria.

The menu is simple and good. Very decent meat (from Huija), cooked either plancha or on the barbie. You can get a decent Cuadril for €11, or a solomillo for €14. All includes salad or chips. A Parrillada for 2 costs €25. Chicken and fish are also on the menu. Food is also available to take away, and during the day rolls and snacks are available for them what ain’t hungry.

No Gordon’s. Let’s see how long it takes them to get some in! Pleasent wine list, too.

Frankly, it’s recommended and I’m glad to see a decent “eat out” restaurant in Turre open again.

La Estancia argentine Grill
Off the crossroads towards the old Turre bridge, in front of the old Rodrigo restaurant.
654 562 449

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