RTVE fires its sports director over football national hymn row

Today’s row is over the high pitched whistling emitted by Basque and Catalans which drowned out the national hymn played before yesterday’s football match between Athletic and Barça. Fans screamed nationalist abuse, let off air horns and generally drowned out the national anthem and the King (who also attended). However, the sports director of RTVE, the national broadcaster, ordered that the live transmission of the match be cut off due to the protest and switched Continue reading RTVE fires its sports director over football national hymn row

NATO cancels Almeria summit

NATO, which was going to hold an international summit of cooperation in Almería this month, has cancelled it until 2010, and has refused to say whether Almería will be considered as a host city again. The organisation blames the “international climate” and says that it is not possible to bring together North African countries and NATO members this month, without going into specifics. This ia a major blow to the city’s pride, and millions of Continue reading NATO cancels Almeria summit

La Estancia, Turre

La Estancia used to be a regular Argentinian restaurant in Turre. then it developed into a rather mediocre restaurant. Then it sank into a terrible Argentinian restaurant. Then it closed, just before last Christmas. While at the beginning it was good, by the time it closed its passing was not lamented. ANYWAY – after some Argentinian from Guadix nicked the rent from under me, it all went quiet. Until recently. It reopened under the direction Continue reading La Estancia, Turre