A free laptop for every child

Promises ZP today in his “debate over the state of the nation”.

It seems that as from the next school year, all children in 5º of Primary (all 420,000 of them) get a free laptop, setup to connect to free internet access and full of educational software to teach them.

Ignoring the obvious stuff about purchasing, distribution, setting up school networks, programming the damn things, making sure the randy little buggers can’t download porn on them and all the rest… Surely a computer is no good unless you know how to use it? Which means giving them all IT lessons first? Think the system is setup to teach them all how to use it?

Personally, I reckon Rajoy got him so annoyed with questions that he made it up on the spot. ZP is probably at home, right now, rocking to and fro in his chair with a glass of whiskey, wondering how he’s going to afford it and cursing his big mouth………

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