Guiri – rascists use in La Voz de Almeria?

While pouring over this weeks copies of La Voz de Almeria, our local version of Pravda, I noticed with interest, in the middle of an interesting article about how Almeria’s tourism services are the best ranked among all of Andalucia (May 7, page 21), the following phrase:

Desgraciadamente, Ameria no fue una de las provincias andaluzas que mas guiris recibio

Now, “guiri”, I was always taught, has two meanings:

  • A good old fashioned member of the “Englishmen abroad” club, complete with socks and sandals and a kerchief on the head, used in a fond manner (ie, look at that sunburn! Poor old guiris, they need looking after when abroad, not used to the sun!)
  • A good old fashioned racist term for anyone who doesn’t speak proper Cristiano.

Not sure how they meant to use it in this article. Never mind.

One Reply to “Guiri – rascists use in La Voz de Almeria?”

  1. I used to be addressed by José Antonio in the bank as ‘guiri mio’. That aside, I don’t think it’s a very polite term. I shall avoid giving examples of other stereotypes to prove my point…

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