EU election poll

Over at the homepage of the E.U., where they are twittering on about some election to the troughs of Brussels, there is a poll.

The elections are next month. How much debate is there about them in your country?

  • Plenty! I hear about little else.
  • Some. I am starting to see more now
  • Not nearly enough! More is needed
  • What elections?

Ignoring the fact that the questions sounds like it was posed for 6 year old children, so far Options 3& 4 are carrying around 80% of the vote.

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  1. Ah, but didn’t I mention? There is the CDL – the centre liberal party – headed up by ‘!!one of us!!’. The candidate is half Irish, half Spanish and is a lot more familiar with our problems and concerns than the PP and PSOE. Furthermore, number four on the list is British.
    Yes we can! (as someone recently said…).

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