Tito Paco (Turre) refusing to pay the rent – landlord claims he “is ruined”

According to a prime time TV exposé, Tito Paco restaurant in Turre is refusing to pay any rent or bills, and is accumulating such a debt that the landlord claims to be “ruined”, as these bills are being sent on to her and she is now being sued for late payment.

For them what speaks Spanish, see the whole interview on “España Directo” here.

The owners of Tito Paco’s are, as I am given to understand, the people who used to run “Orsoca” around 3/4 years ago. A chap from Barcelona who spent 31 years in the UK before coming back out to Spain and choosing to open a restaurant in Turre.

The rumour around the village is that MariCruz (the landlord) is trying to get Tito out ASAP in order to insert her son-in-law. Should be fun.

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