An apology to the Spanish for the “Euro Weekly”

I would like to apologise to the Spanish in general for the article on page 12 of this week’s “Euro Weekly”. You see, the Eusedens are actually Eastern European, and have no idea how to really be “English”… they enjoy gold Rolls Royce’s, large mansions covered in chocolate, and other unpleasent things.

1,500€ is what they raised for CUDECA. A paltry amount, that reflect the general interested shown in their “pink” wedding. Even the reporter could not stop laughing about their unpleasent nonsense.

“In a symbolic act of friendship, each guest was given a pink candle, and each lit the candle of the person sat next to them until all the room was glowing in candelight. In unison, all the candels were blown out in direction of the happy couple as a sign of their blessing”.

It’s her 4th marriage, accordng to the rumour mill.

Of course, the funniest thing is when you turn over the page and see an advert for the “Pink Pound”… A “Pink” club for homosexuals in general. I wish them the best of luck, and from the photos on page 12 it seems 2 people are already transexual members.

It’s lucky that only advertisers get copies of the EuroWeekly, so the general population does not have to suffer.

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  1. Did you notice how ugly all the guests were….are these the top society figures on the coast..I only recognised one of them and he was wearing a pink polo shirt. One of the waiters told me they had four ashtrays, two teaspoons and a small pink candalabra pinched that night. The 150 guests raised 1500 euros but they drank 3945 euros of drinks and ate 5831 worth of grub he told me. The tips were pathetic and three of them were sick on the pink ornamental patio. It was a night to remember, a glittering get together of nobodys for no reason whatsoever and I wasnt even invited damn it.

  2. I was there and left after 10 minutes after I was told off by a waiter for not wearing pink.

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