Our local rock group hits 40

It wasn’t until Emilio Ruiz reminded me that I realised that Almerías answer to The Beatles released their first Nº 1 40 years ago this month.

Los Puntos (www.lospuntos.es) was a rock group from Cuevas del Almanzora whose first single “Miguel” was released in 1969. Boyhood friends, all of their songs were written by the modestly named “Pepe grano de oro”.

Unlike many groups their career continued for quite a few years until the late 80’s when the lead singer died. Probably any Spaniard over30 will be able to hum some of their tunes.

Hasn’t slowed them down tho’, as they got some young blood on board and launched a new CD recently. They are responsable for unleashing at least two of my childhood buddies into the world of the guitar!

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