Partaloa Liaison Office for local residents

Helen from the AUAN sent me this:

A liaison office has been set up in Piedra Amarilla for the inhabitants of Partaloa.  It is situated in the old church in Partaloa and is open from 4.00pm until 6.00pm.  It is being staffed by a lady called Maite, who speaks english.

This service has been provided by the Town Hall of Partaloa.  When wthe AUAN met with the mayor on the 27th March, he informed us of this service, but said it would need to be utilised or the funds would have to go elsewhere.  The mayor is hoping to establish an internet connection also, but this was still ongoing at the time of the meeting.

Please inform friends and neighbours of this service, with the message being ´Use it or lose it´.

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  1. Hello

    I am trying to find the email address for Partoloa town hall
    I have tried to find the old web site but can not find it anymore!

    Please can you pass on the information to me.

    I will be needing your services when I visit next year to sort out our planning permission.

    Mark Bowles

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