As in the best of dictatorships…

The Transition of Power went off smoothly. Manuel Chaves has resigned and gone “upstairs” to Madrid to be one of the good ole boys running the country (VP & Minister of Terretorial Cooperation). His buddie José Antonio Griñán is now President, and no deaths have been reported in Seville. No word on how he’s afforded the plane flight on his saving of only €3000.

The new President-For-Life has already announced that he will be staying after 2012 and does not intend giving up this cushy little number any time soon.

new president of andalucia
new president of andalucia

Griñán(61) was actually number 3 in the ranking of the Junta de Andalucia, being the Second VicePresident of the Junta, and is the Diputado for Cordoba. He was, until this morning, the Andalucian Minister for Economy and Revenue. (The titles get a bit confusing after a bit). There is some grunting in the popular press about him being a madrileno and “not one of us”, however he is known to be an “old school socialist” – which sounds worrying. Griñán has been a bosum buddie of Chaves’s for years, which is why he got the job (segun las malas lenguas!).

He also has an irritating name (Griñán), as my laptop keyboard has neither a  ñ nor a á. So excuse me calling him Grinan until I come up with a witty nickname. Grimey? Grimmi? Grinny?

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