Manuel Chaves to quit as President of Andalucía

President-for-life Manuel Chaves is to leave his position as President of Andalucía, and will take up an important position in the central Government, as head of Territorial Organisation, and as one of three new Vice Presidents Zapatero is creating.

After 19 years in the job, he is handing over to Nº2 – José Antonio Griñán.

ZP is expected to announce a major cabinet reshuffle next Tuesday, when he will remove current Finance Minister Solbes and replace him with Elena Salgado. He will also create two new “Vice President” posts, which means he will have three deputies: current VP María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Chaves & Salgado.

Frankly, I’m stunned. It’s obviously the first step towards him running for President of Spain.

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