Avoid Pistachios, they may be contaminated with Salmonella

According to a big article in the Euro Weekly News (page 31 under the Food & Health section, see it here) a large US Pistachios maker (Kraft Foods) has confirmed that a large number of its Pistachio products may have been contaminated by salmonella and are recalling a large number of its products.

According the article consumers “are advised to stop eating pistachio products until the scope of the contamination can be positively ascertained”.

Worth knowing, and thanks to the Euro Weekly for bringing this vital news to our urgent attention.

LATER: Hmm. Turns out this only applies to nuts sold in California and Oregon (F.D.A.). No wonder Super Turre didn’t know anything about it.

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  1. Euro weekly… nuts… sorry, I had a senior moment there.
    As, of course, did the proof reader in this week’s Weenie, who failed to notice ‘Woman Arrested for Wasting Time’ (not… Mrs Nails, shurely?) on Page 8, then again on Page 14.
    Wasting who’s time? The reader’s?
    And then… polish your reading glasses for Page 15: ‘The Beautiful Berenjena’. Gripping stuff.

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