Telecinco and La Sexta to merge???

Telecinco, the national TV channel, has announced that it is prepared to merge with another operator in order to service it’s debts. The most likely candidate is La Sexta, and negotiations are “advanced”.

Telecinco and La Sexta were until recently sworn enemies as Telecinco took La Sexta to court after the two owners had a dispute and La Sexta started several prime time programs taking the mick out of Telecinco.

Indeed, the Telecinco lawsuit became a running joke across all of La Sexta’s programs as presenters found loopholes around the court’s ruling that they couldn’t rebroadcast editorial content.

Rumours had surfaced after several presenters on La Sexta had made intriguing comments on their respective programs. Indeed, “El Gran Wyoming” won’t shut up about how Telecinco are going to give him a pay rise.

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