An apology to the Spanish for the “Euro Weekly”

I would like to apologise to the Spanish in general for the article on page 12 of this week’s “Euro Weekly”. You see, the Eusedens are actually Eastern European, and have no idea how to really be “English”… they enjoy gold Rolls Royce’s, large mansions covered in chocolate, and other unpleasent things. 1,500€ is what they raised for CUDECA. A paltry amount, that reflect the general interested shown in their “pink” wedding. Even the reporter Continue reading An apology to the Spanish for the “Euro Weekly”

Swine Flu Almeria Andalucia – what to do

Spain has activated its emergency plan for control and detection of epidemics, in accordance with the recommendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO). This involves alerting all public and private hospitals to the symptoms of the disease and sending out samples to all laboratories to permit immediate identification of infected patients. Controls are being put in place at all airports and ports to detect any passengers with fever like symptoms coming from affected zones. Passengers Continue reading Swine Flu Almeria Andalucia – what to do

Caroline from Almeria is “given all clear” after swine flu scare

Caroline, a 20 year old student at Almería Uni, came back from an organised trip to Mexico last week feeling, as she put it, under the weather. On the advice of her tutor, she decided to call a doctor, explaining that she felt flu’y and had just come back from Mexico. The ambulance men that turned up were in full biohazard suits, and spray disinfected the place after quarantining her in Torrecardenas hospital. She has Continue reading Caroline from Almeria is “given all clear” after swine flu scare

Swine flu, eh?

3 cases so far in Spain, all detected in tourists recently returned from Mexico and now hospitalised. The UK FCO office issued the following advice for travellers to Mexico: Maintaining a distance of at least six feet from other persons and frequent hand washing may decrease the risk of exposure. Six feet, eh? That’ll be the chillis. (Just been informed that 3 more cases have been detected in Barcelona – now up to 6 cases Continue reading Swine flu, eh?

First Doc Matteo, now Life on Mars – on Antena 3!

First Antena 3 made a remake of Doctor Martin (Doctor Matteo), set, instead of Cornwall, in a small village in Asturias. It was excellent, I enjoyed it and it ended today. Next Sunday starts their remake of Life on Mars – La Chica de Ayer – when according to the trailers, a Guardia Civil is knocked over by a car and goes back to 1973. Excellent!

Caparros insists that the Prior house was illegal, despite ruling by Constitutional Court

Despite the recent ruling by the Constitutional Court that overturned the court order that lead to the infamous destruction of the Priors house in Vera, Luis Caparros (Mr Bulldozer) has made a public statement in which he claims that the C.C. ruling only applies to the execution of the order, and does not invalidate the basic illegality of the house or the outcome of the first court case. The C.C. has ruled that the rights Continue reading Caparros insists that the Prior house was illegal, despite ruling by Constitutional Court

Thank you, Banco de Andalucia

Lovely bank, the Banco de Andalucia. They just gave me (2) free Wii’s, together with associated “Wii fit”. Cojonudo. Oh, and they’re letting me distribute “The Reader” in several of their offices. LATER While the Wii Fit confirms that I’m a fat bastard, I still have much better reflexes and a much younger Wii Age than the supposedly (ideal weight and smaller) girlfriend. Ha Ha Ha

Chap in Adra kills his husband

In what is believed to be the first ever case of murder between spouses in a homosexual marriage in Spain, a man from Adra was killed by his (estranged) spouse yesterday. The 34 year old victim (Manuel L.), who worked at Adra town hall, had recently separated from his Moroccan spouse and was seeking divorce citing his violent temperament. The murder took place on their 3rd anniversary. Police and ambulance arrived shortly after a neighbour Continue reading Chap in Adra kills his husband