The abortion dispute during Easter

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The Catholic Church has been criticized for interfering in the natural political process of Spain by attempting to create a political campaign against the modernization of Spains abortion laws. By first claiming that Spain holds in greater regard endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx than born children, it is trivializing the whole situation and ignoring the sterling work carried out by ecological groups in saving these wonderful animals. And by asking people in Easter parades to carrying the white ribbon of anti-abortion they are attempting to utilize Easter for their own ends. The sternest rebuke came from the leader of the Almeria Easter parades, who said “that while each of us hold our own opinions on abortion, and in general we are against abortion, the Easter parades are neither the time nor the place to interfere with the natural political process”.

The law on abortion was a typical transition style law, which aimed to please everyone and offend no-one in the fledgling democracy of 1980s Spain. It is restrictive and fails the very people it seeks to protect – updating it is a necessity for a modern, strong democracy. The Church has its spokesperson on the reform committee, and must realise that society has moved on, and that if it, too, does not evolve it too is in danger of sinking into the mud .

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  1. But the church is comprised of lovely, caring people, isn’t it?. Indeed they care deeply for those poor women who find themselves in a position where they might find themselves thinking of aborting. This is why they find it necessary to show them grisly pictures of still born foetuses far beyond the legal limit of abortion anywhere, to help them make informed decisions in their time of need.

    But better yet, they like to catch them well before they find themselves in this position and threaten them with hellfire and brimstone in concertado schools should they, heaven forbid, ever find themselves knocked up.

    Such caring people…

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