CAM offers direct to public its “distressed” properties

CAM Bank ( has gotten tired of real estate agents and offered, direct to the public, it’s stock of distressed and repossesed homes, together with prepacked mortgages of up to 80%.

The whole list is over on the somewhat unfortunatly named website

And Turre is STILL overpriced. Nobody wants to pay 98K for those dodgy 71m2 flats next to SuperTurre. That’s €1381 a square meter. Still better than Vera tho’: 2276m2 (141.170€ for a 61m2 apartment?)

I also notice that they haven’t bothered to apply for a British Estate Agent in Spain Federation membership. Ah Hem.

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  1. Maybe we should form a consortium to buy everything in order to demolish it and sit on the land until the next boom.

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