Man looses land up to his pool for new motorway in Zurgena

According to Jim Simpson, Almerias only English councillor, over in Zurgena a gentleman expat has had his land expropriated up to a meter away from his swimming pool for the new motorway. (Here). Blimey. Of course, he won’t get a penny more than the 1,2€odd a m2 for land they actually take. He’s also stuffed inasmuch as he can’t do anything within 150m of the motorway, so goodbye any  new structure on his land….

The abortion dispute during Easter

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> The Catholic Church has been criticized for interfering in the natural political process of Spain by attempting to create a political campaign against the modernization of Spains abortion laws. By first claiming that Spain holds in greater regard endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx than born children, it is trivializing the whole situation and ignoring the sterling work carried out by ecological Continue reading The abortion dispute during Easter

CAM offers direct to public its “distressed” properties

CAM Bank ( has gotten tired of real estate agents and offered, direct to the public, it’s stock of distressed and repossesed homes, together with prepacked mortgages of up to 80%. The whole list is over on the somewhat unfortunatly named website And Turre is STILL overpriced. Nobody wants to pay 98K for those dodgy 71m2 flats next to SuperTurre. That’s €1381 a square meter. Still better than Vera tho’: 2276m2 (141.170€ for a Continue reading CAM offers direct to public its “distressed” properties