Olula del Rio businessman kills 2 gypsy “mafiosos” over protection racket

A businessman in Olula del Rio has been arrested for the murder of two young gypsies. According to sources, the two gypsies (who belonged to the “Los Pertolos” clan of Albox), at 9am this morning, entered his marble quarrying business (Marmoles Ballester) to demand some protection money to prevent something unpleasant happening to his business. Unofficial sources suggest that they were armed with either guns or bats.

The businessman vanished into his back room to get the cash, and returned with a shotgun, with which he proceeded to pump several rounds into each gypsy. Upon being calmed down by his staff, he proceeded to the local police station and handed himself in.

The “Los Pertolos” gang is rumoured to be a small time Albox gang involved in drugs and prostition in Albox. This appears to be the first (and last?) time they have entered the protection racket. The two dead men appear to be uncle and nephew (Juan Petronilo R. T., 52 years, & Juan Petronilo R. F., 19 years of age).

One assumes that this will not be the last chapter of this story  – los gitanos aren’t big on sitting back and allowing Justice to run its course. According to Canal Sur TV, the Guardia Civil are stepping up local patrols in order to prevent revenge attacks. Employee Jose Martinez told the local news “I was up on the roof and heard some shots, and thought that’s funny, it’s not hunting season… so I came down and saw the boss standing over them”.

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