Pizza da Marco, Turre

Feeling peckish, bored and cramped we walked into Turre to have a look around and maybe get a bite to eat. While not having great expectations of the place, I suggested trying out Pizza da Marco, the new pizzeria that’s opened up on the main street (just past the crossroads). It’s got a strange sign outside and during the day you have to navigate through a number of plastic tables to reach the entrance.

Imagine our surprise when we entered and found a real Italian inside! Marco is the son of the owner of Pinata, another fine Italian restaurant in Garrucha, and has been involved in a number of -ah hem- mainly short lived ventures in the area.

But, he makes a damn fine pizza.

The menu is short and to the point. It’s pizza. Couple of salads. Couple of home made desserts. The kitchen is an extension of the bar – Marco pulls the ingredients out of the vitrina, makes the base in front of you and cooks it. Served piping hot. I don’t recommend the anchovies, unless you enjoy having the taste of anchovies in your mouth for the next few days. Everything else is tip top.

Eat in, or to take away. It’s cheap (6-9€ for a big pizza) and the desserts are home made. He’s closed Mondays, otherwise 12-16 and 19-23 hours daily.

Pizza da Marco

Italian pizzeria restaurant Turre, Almeria. Tlf 950 618 903.

2 Replies to “Pizza da Marco, Turre”

  1. Hi David,

    We have now added home made pastas to the menu – come and try them whenever you have the time.


    Marco and Dana

  2. Hello Marco & Dana,
    We had a meal in your restaurant in April this year. We chatted to Dana for quite a while, she might remember us.
    The cheese/garlic pizza was great, and so were the other pizzas me and my husband had.
    Lovely place to eat and not over crowded, very pleasant indeed.
    I won’t forget the book Dana when we come over in June (Theres a Lizard in my luggage)

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