Expropiations start locally for the AVE line

Sorbas, Bedar & Los Gallardos land owners are all affected by this expropiation order issued by the Direccion General de Ferrocarriles. See the whole list, published in the BOE (Official Bulletin of Spain) here.

The AVE line is, you remember, the high speed “bullet” train which is having a link down to Almería built. Madrid in 4 hours! Don’t hold your breath – it’s supposed to be running by the end of the year, and they’ve only just got around to naming the affected landowners, although rumours persist of work having started on a tunnel behind Sorbas.

Affected people have 15 days in which to waste their money by paying a lawyer to lodge an appeal – Spain’s expropiation law was last modified in 1957, when Franco thought the peasents still had too many rights to slow down his grand projects. Basically, you’re allowed to send a letter to the government, which may or may not be read.

Turre, Vera, Mojacar and Garrucha next!

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