Over 60 to loose ownership of homes along Mojacar Playa

The Ley de Costas has come to Mojacar. The Direccion General de Costas has published a list of some 60 individuals and companies who own property along Mojacar Playa -from Rio Aguas to Cueva del Lobo and Rambla Alfaix- who will be affected by the expropiation of the coastline (100m from high tide, I remind you).

Here’s the list of people who haven’t been officially informed of the process: BOE 10/03/09. Apart from this list there are other people who have been served the documents.

These people now have 15 days to pop along to the Servicio de Costas in Almeria and ask for the plan. After that, no recourse possible and you loose ownership of your land / house / business / whatever. You do get permission to continue live there for 30 years (with a further 30 year extension if you don’t die).

On a brighter note, as I understand it, the law only affects properties built in the last 30 odd years. So, while older houses (the 1960 era) may loose a bit of garden, in general they are extent. There seems to be some discussion about whether Mojacars new superdisco, Mandala, is affected.

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  2. The Ley de Costas is considered legal and constitutionally correct , IN SPAIN ; however surpasses all limits of common and legal sense . The argument of “public interest” is being employed and abused as a tool to achieve goals that cannot be justified in unlimited measures as if in public interest.
    JURISDICTION: DO SO UNDER : https://www.secure.europarl.europa.eu/parliament/public/petition/secured/submit.do?language=EN Ref: ESPAÑA COSTAS
    In the light of the Auken Report this surely makes sense. ( Of this you should send a copy to your embassy) thanks colleague

  3. Hi Juan,
    That link doesn’t seem to take me to a petition — have you created a petition? If so, send me the correct link and I’ll post it here!

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