If Daddy kills Mummy… Kiddie now gets the pension and cash

Bibiana Aido, Miister of Equality, and Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, Vice President of Spain, have presented a modification of law that changes the way pensions are paid in the case of domestic violence.

Under the new law, the “Widows Pension” will now be paid to the offspring in the case of the death of one of the parents by violence from the partner, as well as the “Orphans pension”. Any other pensions that have been accumulated by the deceased will also be distributed among the offspring, leaving the ex-partner without recourse to the cash.

Domestic violence is currently Spains answer to the pedophile scare in the UK, in as much as it’s the story that’s always in the media and is guaranteed to cause the local mayor to organise a march “against violencio de genero” everytime someone is beaten to death / has testicles hacked off by their partner.

An entire Ministry (the Ministerio de Igualdad) is dedicated at a national level to combating this problem, together with hotlines and personal police escorts for battered partners.

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