Jobs going across Andalucia (According to INEM)

For a number of reasons, I was down at the INEM (jobs office) office in Huercal Overa this pm. Feeling bored, I started to play around with the “find a job” computer, where the INEM publishes all of the jobs going that they know about. You can search by quite a few different criteria, and I choose the “geographical” option.

Lots of types of jobs going. Hairdresser seems popular. Here’s the number of jobs available through the official job service, by province:

Sevilla 181
Cadiz: 19
Huelva: 27
Jaen: 17
Almeria: 16

That’s right. The official INEM computer service only offers you 412 jobs offered across the whole of Andalucia. When asked, the girl behind the desk shrugged and said that only we guiris use the system.

No doubt there is a reasonable explanation for this, but it fails to ocurr to me what it could be. These computers, by the way, are all over the place – I believe there’s one in Turre town hall, and another in Garrucha. They’re mainly used to renew your paro, I’m given to understand.

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