New telephone translation service in all Andalucian health centres

The Junta has started a new simultaneous translation service for non-Spanish speakers in all it’s medical centres.

The system currently supports 46 languages, and consists in the doctor and patient being able to talk via a translator over a conference call from a central call centre.

The Junta de Andalucía and Andalucian Health Service have launched a new service for non-Spanish speakers who need to visit a doctor.
Currently, doctors will not treat non emergency cases unless the patient speaks Spanish or brings a translator.
The new Salud Responde service allows a doctor to make a conference call to a translation service, whose operator will translate to and from the patient.
The new service will be available in 46 different languages and has a budget of 450,000€ a year.
Currently, the Andalucian Health Service estimates that it serves some 500,000 residents of Andalucia a year who do not speak Spanish, plus a further 9 million tourists a year.
Out of the 46 languages on offer, 11 will be available 24 hours a day every day of the year, the other 35 will be available from 8.00-18.00 every working day.
The main eleven languages are: German, Arabic, Mandarin, Bulgarian, Slovakian, French, English, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian.
Since the translators are all professional medical translators, the patient is guaranteed a professional, reliable free and confidential service, which will prevent them having to find a medical translator and receive full impartial medical information.
Salud Respondeis a unique service in Spain that has never been tested before.
It also allows patients to book appointments with their GP or medical centre in their language by calling 902 505 060; faxing 953 018 715; visiting their webpage online at or sending an SMS to 600 123 400 with the word CITASAS followed by your medical card patient number.
It is also trailing a telephone health system whereby citizens can call for free medical advice on trivial symptoms.

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