Vera taxis (refusing to join main association) create their own

Vera taxis (all 6 of them) have, in a desire to provide their clients with a professional, fast, easy and 24/7 service, setup their own hotline and taxi association. The number is 902 394 545 and the idea is that one of them will always be around to cater for people in Vera needing a taxi.

This is fine and laudable, except that there is already a good taxi association covering the rest of the Levante which the Vera boys refused to join. It seems Vera is the most profitable town for short haul in the summer, and they want it for themselves – to the extent of denouncing other taxi drivers who dare venture into their territory to pick up or drop off fares. They even lodged a complaint against the main taxi association to force them to refuse all calls made from Vera.

Somebody needs to get their heads knocked together on this one, I’m afraid.

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