Huge redevelopment of Almeria Port announced

The Ayuntamiento de Almeria, Junta and other government bodies that want the glory have announced a huge redevelopment plan for the port and coastline of Almería city.

The project plans -no budget yet set- include the redevelopment of the coastal road, expansion of the port and marina, integration of the new conference centre into the marina, new administrative centre, two thousand parking spaces and a large new mall style leisure shopping and eating area.

The project is not just about building a huge new port, it contemplates integrating several different projects (such as the conference centre – you will remember the fuss over Norman Foster and the mayor’s friends cousin) into a macro plan to create a truely pleasent environment.

Should be nice, and good to see a bit of forethought for once. Unlike our beloved Llano Central.

Later– turns out not everybody thinks this. Local community group Almeria Mira al Mar (Almeria looks towards the sea), formed by locals and supported by such groups as Grupo Ecologista Cóndor, Asociación Ecologista Rakis, Ecologistas en Acción-Almería and la Asociación de Vecinos Bastetania has issued a press release denouncing the plans and promising to fight them on the beaches. As it were. Ah-hem.

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  1. Hi David,

    I don’t know much about this proyect in Almeria but the Andalucian’s municipalities are always thinking about making money and tourism and not about the environment.

    I hope this won’t happen in Almeria…


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