Englands only councillor in Almeria on street names

Jim Simpson is an English expat who was elected to the local council of Zurgena in the last elections, despite not speaking any Spanish. His blog is over at http://jiminy304.vox.com and is worth consulting, if only to bow your head in sympathy with his struggles with local bureaucracy, corruption, politics and life. He’s also head of the local neighbourhood watch and is trying to force the Guardia into “community” policing, as if he didn’t have enough on his plate already. Not a man who takes retirement lightly, our Jim, and well done.

However, he seems to have finally bowed to the “Spanish way of doing things”, as evidenced by his advice on his blog after consulting the new map of Zurgena (they’re changing the street names):

I was also made aware of the fact that a change in street names can cause some people problems particularly where an address has been officially recognised for some considerable time. In those cases my advice would be to ignore the new allocated street names until it becomes necessary to use it eg when obtaining a new empadronimiento etc. (Read the whole post here)

Yup, let’s ignore the changes unless forced to. Well done Jim, you’re finally becoming a proper Almeriense!

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