Marisa Laguna – smooth as silk in Garrucha

If bored and in Garrucha, you could do worse than pop into Marisa Laguna’s shop at the top of the Calle Mayor (entering from Las Bouganvillas, just where it turns one way).

marisa laguna silk shop garrucha taller_artistico_garrucha_050

There’s the entrance.

Marisa Laguna is a designer and artist who works only in Thai silk. From her workshop in Madrid she creates paintings, ties, wraps, Spanish fans, Spanish shawls and much more in pure silk, with wonderful handpainted designs on top.

silk fan, spanish fan, silk design



She recently opened a workshop in Vera Playa and the shop in Garrucha, where some of things are made under the watchful eye of Marisa, before being displayed or sold then shipped out to Madrid, Barcelona or whereever the client requests.

Pop in, have a look around, talk to Amador and enjoy it. It’s my new source for ties. If closed, call on 609 48 35 77 to see when Amador is around to open it for you – he pops in and out. Prices are less than you would expect, but the quality is wonderful. If you speak Spanish, have a look at her blog at

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