Mayor of OHANES filmed accepting bribes

The newspaper ABC has released a video showing the mayor of Ohanes, a small village in Almería, accepting cash from a builder in exchange for building licenses in May 2005.

The Mayor is seen counting out notes to the amount of €29,000; whereupon he asks why €1000 is missing and the promotor agrees to pass the money to him the next day. They discuss the handover of the paperwork, and a verbal promise to pay a further €30,000 upon receipt of signed paperwork is audible.

Mayor Juan Francisco Sevilla (who resigned when allegations of this case came to light) is awaiting trial on other charges of corruption and fiscal coercion. He belong(ed) to the PSOE party – it appears that he was allowed to resign with honour intact- and the P.P. are demanding action.

Here’s the video (Thanks to Kalebeul for pointing me in the direction of it):

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