4 arrested for execution of animals and theft

A police patrol was lurking around some cortijos last night in the Rambla de Belen after some denuncias that animals and tools had been disappearing from sheds and farms in the area, as well as the appearance of dead and mutilated animals in the area.

Around dawn, the patrol spotted several youths on scooters with bulky packages who entered the area off the motorway, and upon seeing the police ran into an abandoned cortijo. The police followed then, and entered the cortijo whereupon they found a room with blood splattered walls and abanonded tools and axes; in the next room they found three goat kids that had been killed “with extreme violence”.

The police patrol managed to catch one of the youths, and subsequent sweeps of the area by reinforcements discovered the other three, along with further tools identified as those that had been stolen (some of which were also blood splattered), pieces of motorbikes and other such articles.

The four are all from Almeria city, and are Jonathan R. B., (19); Javier Z.L., (28); José A.L., (19); y J.A.C., (underage). All have been charged with three counts of burglary and abuse of animals. The first three are awaiting the magistrate, while the last has been sent to a Young Offenders Court.

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