“Salvemos Mojacar” takes POTALA to high court

Salvemos Mojacar has lodged an urgent appeal to the high court of Andalucía asking for a block to be placed on the macroplan for the Levante, the POTALA. It’s main arguments are that to date, none of the filings it has lodged against the plan (alegaciones) have been heard or replied to; S.M. claims that over 30 of these filings have been made and ignored, and that several protected areas (such as Torre del Rayo, in Carboneras, currently a protected area of special interest) are designated as new urban centres.

It’s worth pointing out that under the plan the first 200 meters of beachfront (from the high tide mark) falls under public domain, slightly more than the limit contemplated in the Ley de Costas. So if your house is within 200m of the high tide mark – Congratulations! You’re living in a council house!

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