TOMATOMAN has been spotted in Berlin, spreading the word about the goodness of tomatos and RAF tomatos in particular, from La Cañada – Níjar. He made a brief stopover at Fruitlogística, where he scared a few children into eating their veggies and firmed my resolve to never eat a tomato. My word… have you seen his eyes? They say your eyes are the window to your soul…

POTALA approved

The Consejo de Gobierno of the Junta de Andalucía approved yesterday the contentious “Plan de Ordenación del Territorio del Levante Almeriense (POTALA)”, which covers an area between Los Gallardos, Turre, Mojacar, Garrucha and Vera, contemplating the construction of a city the size of Redditch, England (or Ferrol, Galicia), with some 30,000 homes. It is expected to create 130,000 jobs and has an investment of 5,000,000,000€. The name of the new city is currently “Llano Central”. Continue reading POTALA approved